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Honors Physics:
Current working Topics...


Unit 22 - Current Electricity

Lab - Voltage Current Resistance

Unit 21 - Electric Field

Unit 20 - Electrostatics

Video Lesson - Calculating the coulomb force
Lab - Electrostatics

Unit 11 - Conservation of Energy

Lab - Conservation of Energy

Unit 10 - Work and Energy

Lab - Stair Climbing and Power

Unit 9 - Momentum

- Lab - Momentum

Unit 8 - Rotational Motion

Video Lessons;

Unit 7 - Universal Gravitation

Lab - Modeling The Orbits of Satellites

Unit 6 - Projectile Motion

Lab - Centripetal Force

Unit 5 - Forces and Motion in Two Dimension

Lab - The Coefficient of Friction
Video Lesson - How to break Vectors Into Components
video: algebraic method of adding vectors

Unit 4 - Force and Motion

Lab - Forces in an Elevator

Unit 3 - Acceleration

Video Lessons:
  • One-dimensional kinematics (Car traveling to the right)
  • One -dimensional kinematics (Bike traveling to the right)
  • One dimensional kinematic (Golf Ball going up a hill)
  • Free-Fall Kinematics (Brick falling)
  • One-dimensional kinematics (bus traveling to the right)

Lab - Acceleration Due To Gravity

AP Physics: Current working tpics...

Current Working Topic

UNIT 8 - Current Electricity

UNIT 7 - Electrostatics

- Video Lesson: Coulombs law problems
- Video Lesson: Electric Field Problems
- Video Lesson: Electric Potential and Potential Energy
- Video Lesson - Capacitor

Current Working topic...

Unit 6 - Heat and Thermodynamics

Current work topics...

Unit 5 - Fluid Mechanics

Current working topics...
Unit 4 - Work and Energy
  • Video Lesson: work and kinetic energy
  • Video Lesson: Conservation of Mechanical Energy
  • Video Lesson: Conservative Forces and potential Energy
  • Video Lesson: Impulse Momentum Theorem
  • Video Lesson: Conservation of Linear Momentum and Collisions (perfectly inelastic, inelastic)
  • Video Lesson: Conservation of Angular Momentum (point mass)
  • Video Lesson: Simple Harmonic Motion (springs, Pendulum, Energies)

Current working topics...

UNIT 3 - Newton's Laws
Unit 2 - Kinematics

AP Physics Exam Prep Session


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