SERIES AND PARALLEL CIRCUITS (03/22/11 - 03/24/11)


Simple Circuites - 23.1

Students will...
  • describe series and parallel circuits
  • calculate currents voltage drops, and equivalent resistance in series and parallel circuits.
in order to explain how to set up series and parallel circuits

Vocabulary terms to know:
  • series circuit
  • equivalent resistance
  • voltage divider
  • paralle circuit
- K. W. L Chart
  • List three things known about series and parallel circuits.
  • List three thing you want to know about series and parallel circuits.
1. Go over KWL Chart with students.
2. Demo - set up circuit with...
  • 9 V battery
  • switch
  • bulb
  • 4 strand of steel wool ( varying thickness)
Students will answer the following...
1. Predict what will happen when I close the switch using each different size of steel wool strand.
2. Explain how the thickness of the a wire relates to how fast the wire will overheat and break apart.
3. Why have circuit breakers replace fuses in the electric circuit boxes of new homes?
- series circuits, equivalent resistance, current, voltage
- parallel circuit, equivalent resistance, current, voltage

Problem Set:
In-class: 1 -14, pg619 - 623


Quiz -

Day 2 3/24/11


Students will
  • calculate currents, voltage, drops, and equivalent resistances in series and parallel circuits
in order to explain how to set up workable series and parallel circuits.

Classwork: 15-19, pg 626
25-28, pg 630